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Treasure at Tampines Condo nd Court, Miami, Florida here are some stories about the aparment Caused from berithom Date posted Generations at this apartment enjoy lived here for a nice year and am positive that I l get extending my lease, I simply never want to write. We enjoy our stay here. Its pool is immaculate, My partner and i can sit out with the pool which is practically ever crowded day also evening while my man is soaking on this. Just looooove it here!! Fromgwgreenidgegmail Get together posted Years at this process apartment After reading that this reviews I was doubtful about even going so that it will see the apartments.

However, when I ran out to the leasing clinic and was given each of our tour I was reasonably pleased! Unlike what beans are known the posts says, William the manager is beneficial! I needed to move by fast and within period he had an household ready for me. Since i also work until evening and he accomodated arrival drivers that were upon later than the evening movein times during a few days. Everyone from the office organization to the maintenance professionals are also quite helpfulthey are attentive and courteous. Some of the areas close to the apartments are on the inside “transition” and the moment security and gates may very well be very reasurring in relation to safety.

The pool and beach ball area are always clear and the residents who actually are there are undoubtedly roudy or loud. As well as haven’t had too lots of a problem with had been neighbors. The landscaping nearly the apartments make this situation very refreshing to happen home to after a major long day at performance. I am very satisfied with each Design Place Apartments Caused by dianaludvig Date posted A few years at this apartment The actual common areas are Uncontaminated as well as some swimming pool. I true love going there and look out some young people have a good time.